101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve!

Amazon ImageHave you ever found yourself eating mindlessly? I have. So I decided to make a list of things to do instead of eating. That list became the backbone for 101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve!. The book is a short, no fluff resource guide. If you are bored, find yourself munching mindlessly or just want to think of something to do instead of eating – give it a try.

Response to the book has been great. A lot of people have told me it comes in handy when they get the urge to nosh and they are not truly hungry. Just flip thru the book on your ereader and pick something else to do.

Here are some of my faves;

1. Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a fun little site that allows you to win prizes and earn gift cards for searching the net. It is one of the few legitimate search and win sites I have found. Take your mind away from the nibbles and earn prize points instead. Learn more about Swagbucks.

2. Toothpicks. In my book, I mention chewing on straws, chewing on toothpicks works too. Toothpicks have saved me from many a calorie. I like the sturdy brush pick styles in plastic and the wooden ones in cinnamon. Flavored toothpicks can be hard to find but Amazon sells them natch. They come in packets and tubes; Taste-T-Picks Cinnamon Toothpicks, 12-Count Package (Total 180 Picks)

3. Walking. Walking is a huge stress reliever and gets those feel good hormones flowing. Just start stepping instead of eating. I am a big fan of Wii Walk It Out. You can step indoors rain or shine. Read the reviews they are awesome! Wii Walk It Out Reviews

Naturally there are tons of things you can do to stop stuffing when you are not truly hungry. Check out my suggestions in the eBook 101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve! It can save you hundreds if not thousands of calories.

The sequel to the book, “101 MORE Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve!” is also available. To read more about it CLICK HERE.

***Exciting News – A compilation book of the two books is now out. The 2 book set includes “THE FRIDGE NO CHEAT SHEET”! To find out more about it CLICK HERE.

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