101 Kick Ass Ways To Look Younger!

My new book is hot off the presses. I thought I would share with you a few of my very favorite things for looking younger. These give great results with little effort! 1. Silk pillow cases. Your face will glide on these instead of getting mashed resulting in the dreaded “bed face”. Those “bed face” wrinkles become permanent over time. So avoid them and use satin or silk pillow cases like these: 2. Humidifier. Ugg dry air takes it’s toll on the skin. Dry skin shrivels up like a raisin. If you want smooth, plumped up skin use a humidifier. … Continue reading

Intermittent Fasting: The Feast and Fast Diet!

Wow! If you have ever dieted in your life you know what a drudgery it is. But now new techniques in fasting can remove the pain of weight loss! Instead of having to count points, eat low fat, watch the carbs, eat by blood type etc., you can simply eat a calorie restricted diet a few days a week. And the rest of the days you can eat normally. For many people this is a huge difference in how they have been dieting and it works! My new book, shares different intermittent fasting plans and includes tips to make it … Continue reading

Back Fat – How To Get Rid Of Back Fat

The back is often over looked but it can be sculpted to look sleek and attractive. My book, shares how to do this. I have included not only simple exercises you can do at the gym or at home, but also ways to make the skin more beautiful. It is easy to moisturize the back using a long handled brush. I like the you can fill it up with lotion and use it to moisturize your back. The rollers massage as it moisturizes, so it feels great. This is a pretty sturdy brush. If you have bumps on your back … Continue reading

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Making one simple change to your diet may help you shed pounds with ease. The difference is as simple as drinking water! It’s a fact – water has zero calores. Other drinks can be laden with calories that pack on the pounds. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up. In this book, I share how to drink water for weight loss. There is also a Water Checklist you can download and print off to help you get in the habit. I share tips to make it easier to transition from other drinks and how to drink … Continue reading

101 Kick Ass + 101 MORE Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve! BONUS – THE FRIDGE NO CHEAT SHEET

My recent book, is a compilation of two books. It includes and   PLUS it includes a special bonus – “THE FRIDGE NO CHEAT SHEET “. The two books are jam packed with things to take your mind off mindless munching. Of course, if you are truly hungry, you should eat. But if you are eating for the wrong reasons, these two books are crammed full of other things to do. The special bonus, “THE FRIDGE NO CHEAT SHEET” may save you thousands of calories! “THE FRIDGE NO CHEAT SHEET” is your activity companion. It has two sides filled with … Continue reading